Tim Root is an American Composer, Pianist and Conductor from Seattle, Washington. Trained in composition by some of the mavericks of the avant garde, he also received piano instruction from a student of Rachmaninoff. These strong influences, together with his love for complex rock, free improvisation, and jazz inform the music of his ensemble TROOT. His writing for this group weaves together complex rhythmic constructs based on his ability to play opposing time signatures in each hand, slippery melodies that never seem to settle onto a pitch center, and unique harmonies that can defy understanding while sounding grounded in tradition.


He is also known for his work in the theatre as a Musical Director, Conductor, Keyboardist and Sound Designer. He conducts and performs both original and modern theatrical works as well as classics of the musical theatre and is a known as a strong and deeply skilled collaborator across all production areas. An original member of San Diego’s notorious Sledgehammer Theatre, he has designed cutting edge productions of works by Beckett, Brecht, Shepard, Heiner Müller, Charles Mee and countless others, and as an sound engineer, has over 3000 productions to his credit.