Dedicated and experienced Performer and Instructor of Music, Theatre, Sound and Art. Thirty-plus years of industry experience as a Performer, Composer, Sound-Designer and Audio Professional.

Pianist and Composer
Bandleader, composer and pianist for the ensemble TROOT whose music is a complex  synthesis of Rock, Jazz and the Classical Avant-Garde. A unique pianist and keyboardist known for his speed and power in addition to his deep skill with complex rhythms.​​

Piano, Theory and Composition: Personalized lesson plans for private instruction geared to each individual student. Classical technique and repertoire taught, with a strong affinity for and inclusion of Jazz, Rock and Popular styles. Music theory, history and composition integrated into all lessons. Specialist in complex rhythm structures, extended techniques, free improvisation and experimental music for those students reaching more advanced levels.

Theatre and Sound Design: Courses in technical theatre and sound-design for the theatre.

Art Theory and History: Through both lectures and hands-on experimentation, students learn the processes and techniques used by some of the masters of 20thcentury art and create their own works in the styles of Duchamp, Rauschenberg, Calder, Goldsworthy, Picasso, Pollack and many others.

Music Direction and Sound-Design for the Theatre.  30+ years experience as a Musical Director and Sound Designer bringing a distinctive design and musical style to each production. Accomplished as both a conductor and keyboardist for musical theatre, as an arranger and composer for original work, and as a designer for the stage with particular skill in emphasizing detailed environmental sound and a unique use of the performance space. An original member of San Diego’s notorious Sledgehammer Theatre. Production design for shows ranging from the avant-garde to musical theatre and the children’s stage.

Professional audio engineer for live events, theatre, music, corporate events and broadcast. Specialist with deep experience in live sound for broadcast and video/web production, digital audio editing, mixing, and mastering in fast-paced environments.

Employment History

Independent Artist and Instructor
1985 – present

Microsoft: Program Manager and Producer; Redmond, WA
1997 – 2005

MSNBC: Audio Lead; Redmond, WA
1996 – 1997

BBI Engineering: Lead Audio Engineer; San Francisco, CA
1990 – 1996

McCune Audio: Audio Engineer; San Francisco, CA
1985 – 1990

Master of Fine Arts: Music; Mills College, Oakland, CA
Bachelor of Arts: Music; University of California, San Diego